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walwyn ottawa
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since >> they say a lot of the violence broke out in oakland because the police did president tried to repress the movement and they insist, this is a peaceful movement. >>pam: reddy will be a line of the scene as this developing situation unfolds street will have more throughout the night in his calf. taft all sounded tonight, stanley roberts will have a report as well. >>stanley: we want to tell you about the occupy for its has been observed around the globe.
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events in more than 30 cities worldwide including los angeles. many protesters today stopped traffic coming fancy than in the street chanting. from arrests were made for the most part demonstrations were peaceful. roughly 180 arrest in new york. >> this guy looks but he isn't a game.
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" >> protesters tried to block access to the new york stock exchange. essex >>pam: almost into years, the san jose police made an announcement today. but she is calling it quits. he says circumstances in his life have changed and he will leave the department at less than five months. >> the san jose police chief walked into a crowded conference room to announce his retirement. >> this is my decision killing that was not left into it.
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>> he is leaving was some are calling turmoil and san jose. phfft crimes are up in pension reform on the table with pay cuts in effect. >> is a difficult time. i believe we're one to find a result of litigation. >> it has been less than two years since the deep -- since the chief took charge. is that circumstances have changed but he has enjoyed working with the community.
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>> that she will retire officially at the end of january. >> morale is low in the shrinking size of forces but in a public air risk.
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>> we are putting out for offices and a district that should have eight. we are stretched too thin. >> there is no confidence in city hall. >> there will be no attempt to try to retain the officers. >> it will not take us another seven-eight minutes to get calls. as is the report comes out, it will be even longer than that. again, that goes back to staffing and a lack of our ability to get to these calls. >> they say it is up to city leaders to make it a priority to address complaints and criticisms of the rank-and-file
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to stop the flow officers away from this testy j.c.. >> the family of a missing from the area man just got a report that he may have been spotted in a lincoln, nebraska. a man matching the description of its 69 year old was seen wandering around a neighborhood there. he is a need a vacation and has not been seen since late last week. he was on a train headed from and rebuilt to montreal. >> family, friends and complete strangers handed out fliers as they search for the 69 year-old from san mateo. he is in needed medication and has not been seen or heard from since last week. his cell phone and let it ride in chicago, but he did not. and his family has traveled to
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nebraska. >> is definitely a fear, that he got disoriented or something terrible happened. >> leave the family has set up a face full paid hall of him home. he has high blood pressure and heart disease. his family thinks he may have gotten off of the train. >>caller: rallies in concord say they shot a man. investigators say family members
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>> ha riding atop a modified 747 and paint it and to the bay area, and the notes coming up. >> at the oakland coliseum, excited a's fans lined up to purchase season tickets as the
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>>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m., news on endeavour's final flight. of >> as a part of the farewell flight, the shuttle will be making a low altitude pass over the bay area later this week. >> a space shuttle endeavor is riding atop a modified 747. it will spend the evening at edwards air force base. friday morning, the shuttle will depart edwards and head north toward sacramento where it will make a low altitude as
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over the state capital. from there, westport san francisco where it will visit several bay area landmarks possibly as low as 15 of ft. the shuttle is expected to fly over moffett field sometime between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. . finally, in denver heads south towards los angeles. costs of that will then be taken off of the 7 47th 7 47th >> there has been a steady line on the outside of the box offices as the oakland coliseum
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where tickets for four potential games, one wild card in three playoff games were made available starting at 10:00 a.m. into teams die-hard believers were happy to be here >> it is incredible. >> i a.m excited. >> thousands of tickets are snapped up in the first hour. within an hour the cheap seats were sold out. they are using in dynamic pricing meeting because of the tickets will increase as demanded source.
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>> i think their chances are amazing. >>pam: a full wrap up the bay area sports >>pam: as we told you, occupy wall street is a year old today. >>stanley: some people are calling occupy sf a protest.
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that was one of the segments i did last year about occupy is in francisco. now, it is one year later, cal we should take a look back. here is something else i cannot figure out. if your camping out for weeks, where's the money coming from for all that we'd smoking or? this is how one artist in business how occupy sf should look. in reality, it looks slightly different. this is the door to dearly it commissioned. to there are a lot of tents and other stuff set up at his homes in canada, pretending to be a protest movement. according see a letter from free building management, things are vanishing in reappearing here for.
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things like food from the farmer's market, ice cream from stores and these are normal survival foods. one of my favorite moments is this segment. this is video from occupy san francisco that has to deal with this door and the attempt to clean of debris to be complying with the city's mandate, some items were tossed in the trash. these deep are fighting over whether the store should be tracked or saved. >>stanley: these segments are by no way reflection of the occupy movement as a whole, but what was happening in san francisco made the movement look bad. >> it is chilly near the coast
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line. as we move ahead to the rest of the workweek expect most of the same. as we take a look at temperatures to rise afternoon, in the '70s for the south bay. if house year is a live look at your extend its forecast there is not much change coming to the work we based on persistence the breeze wins a courtesy of a disturbance sitting offshore.
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like more information on your forecast and temperatures, you can get at any time. >> the pre order for the iphone 5 is sold out. evil are already camping out in front of stores. i will tell you the best way to try to score the new iphone 5 coming up. some >>gary: coming up later, the 49ers are the top of the town. the giants are headed for home, and a battle of colorado. one of our a live big heroes did not like his hotel room, we will study what he did.
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>>pam: we are following developing news, occupy protesters taking to bay area's streets to mark the one-year anniversary of the movement. kron4 is live on the scene with the latest details. >>grant: that is video from a private fund-raiser leagues and now mitt romney is explaining themselves, more of what he was overheard saying in that deal
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mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>pam: our developing story tonight, occupy protesters are taking to the streets on its one-year anniversary of the movement. reggie kumar has been in the middle of the protests all day. >>reggie: hundreds of protestors are here in front of the financial district, but another group started watching -- marching down this street headed towards market street. wall here is video from earlier in the evening. they ripped up college loan documents and college bills. then, some started burning dollar bills.
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there has also been a heavy police presence here on my to prevent any protesters from getting into wells fargo and causing any damage. police say so far there have been no arrests made. >>pam: blockbuster new allegations against the boy scouts of america. a major investigation by the los angeles times charges that the organization actively concealed numerous cases of drug listees among its leaders here and in some cases allow molesters back into the organization and even after they had been imprisoned for his sexual offenses. in a stunning revelation, dozens of cases have been revealed stretching back at least a half century.
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the >>grant: details are pretty disturbing. some involve skill leaders here in northern california. we will zero in on them and will it. here is a look at what the scouts of the accused of concealing in their confidential files. >> the possible for the problem is this man. he has admitted to molesting more than a dozen scouts. officials of southern california -- the beast in 1979 but never notified police. instead, they told to resign. he moved to british columbia into a joint scouts there and continued using children from within a decade. researchers reviewed hundreds of documents containing its confidential blacklist of elected molesters. they include allegations of abuse by the victims, parents, staff members or anonymous tips in 80 percent of the cases, police were never notified in did 25 percent of those cases fact officials actively sought to conceal the alleged abuse or
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allow the suspect's to hide it. instead of a balding police, suspected molesters were sent four letters assuring them that the scouts would not release the information to anyone and that action would in no way affected standing in the community. >> the boy scouts are not commenting on allegations of past cover ups but they say they have updated their policy in all reports of possible abuse will not be reported to police. >>pam: our team coverage continues. we're running at two of the boy scout leaders in this cover-up were from or in california. terisa estacio reports, despite numerous victims there were about to return to the organization and molested more children. >> this case stretches over three decades. in 1955 he first became a leader. in the '70s company rose to the head of the scouts, it was there were the first of many
8:33 pm
charges of child molestation began to unfold. in 1971 after several spare parents spoke of he was arrested and prosecuted for tying up young boys and fondling them. at the time an officer stated, he is really interested in young boys. he thinks timeout is not bad. he pled guilty to one account. the boy scout put him on their confidential file list, barring him from the organization however friends petitioned discounts to let him back in the and they did so in 1975. in 1989 when police arrested him again, the search his home and found harnesses for bondage and pictures of boys tied up in the stories about abuse written by stinger. then, there is the case of dunlap, at age 24 as a scout leader in fresno in 9 year-old victim said that he liked to spank scouts. the facts revealed that he was spanking kids with no clothes on and fondling them.
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he was convicted of four counts of taught molestation. in 1986 signaled to texas and was allowed to be a scout leader once again despite his criminal background. hamas was arrested. holding and not with that in his file. one document said, a convicted again. >>grant: a political drama on a secretly recorded video at an event earlier this year showing mitt romney making comments that he short wishes never left that room, but they did. he is campaigning in los angeles tonight and now he is in davits control mode. here is a part of what he said to supporters in the video that was posted on line late today.
8:35 pm
>> 47% of americans to not pay income taxes. just about an hour ago romney, a press conference in los angeles where he is campaigning and said those comments were not elegantly stated, there were off the cuff but he did not apologize and essentially stands by the gist of the comments. experts on both sides of the aisle are saying this could be a defining moment in the election season.
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>>pam: the body of a missing pleasanton teenager has been found in an east bay hotel. the 17 rural the ec here was reported as a runaway back on september 10th. four days later her body was found by a housekeeper. police investigators said body of the 24 year-old man from livermore was also found. bull for gunshot victims feared although it is early in the investigation, police say it appears the case of double suicide or murder suicide. >> a water pipe and a sunset district of stevens's go broke today. crews spotted and into the intersection of ninth avenue and ortega's 3 irritant, but yet rooms are still investigating the cause of the leaf.
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see >>jaqueline: tomorrow we will be waking up this fall. it should clear by noon. in and along the coastline of season great-grandson. robert qr >>vicki: lindsay lohan is no stranger to the criminal justice system, she is going after a man defines for her trouble with the law. entertainment news is up next.
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>>vicki: it is tough being a former child far. hollywood is unforgiving.
8:40 pm
the law can be even more so. >> a man divines has lost her wheels. the 26 rule was cited for driving on a suspended license and her colleagues and pounded. tmz so closest photos of her taking hits from a pot pipes behind the wheels. she lost her rivalling privileges last month after dui arrest and to let it hit in runs. actress lindsay lohan is weighing in if claiming unfair treatment. she said she thinks the police and prosecutors are being too easy on her. she of course is no stranger to the criminal justice system and was arrested and hauled off to jail several times for the allies among other things. >> another royal caught in a compromising position. buckingham palace is none too pleased, topless pictures of
8:41 pm
dead is kate are spreading across in europe. france, ireland and italy have published photos. >>pam: you can catch all of the news right here on kron4 eightheighth. the insider starts at 7:00 p.m. followed by entertainment tonight. gary has an update on the giants game in tonight's monday night football game featuring peyton manning theory listen to what jim harbaugh said about a gutsy play of quarterback alex smith. gary has those stories and sports coming up. "
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look at this could these are pictures from new york city out
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of the apple store. a handful of people already camping out for the iphone file which comes out friday morning. apple sold more than 2 million new phones in 24 hours through free orders. allman pre orders for the new phone are now sold out. gabe slate shows you the test lead to find the new iphone this friday. >>gabe: if you order the iphone 5 now from the apple web site is as it will ship in two-three weeks. it is the same thing from the carriers of mine, at&t, sprint and verizon. to avoid lines and the trauma, if you do not mind waiting 3-4 weeks off, order it online in a way for it to be sent. apple and these carriers will open up at 8:00 a.m. to sell the iphone 5. i expect long lines at all of these stores. best buy, wal-mart and radio shack will also sell the iphone
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cycle if if these stores will get less stock than the alkyl in a carrier stores call led to another of these stores even offer the new-line fund. if the stores offer a no waiting in line options, you can go now, in person and fury foam by putting down a deposit. $50 to best buy and radio shack or $25 to wal-mart. as the phones come into the stores, they will call you, you can come in and pictures up. it is first in in first out. they might have a ready for you this friday or in a week. you may not get the from the first day of the market you will get is an and if you order online which takes 2-4 weeks. my advice, find a radio shack in a small strip of the way that does not get much for a traffic or, get out your sleeping bag and start sleeping in front of an apple or carrier store. there will be long lines come friday but i think it will sell up. these limited options for is for you, blamed good old-fashioned american greed.
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look on cragslist or ebay. if many people who score the iphone through pre order are selling their promise fog at a marked up prices. people are also posting options . if you love to secure the suppose a phone call me to place a bit. >>jaqueline: temperatures were cooler out there today. the cooler weather will stick with us through the rest of the work week and thanks to stronger seabury's winds. the fog will stick with us through the morning hours keeping temperatures below average for this time of year. inland valleys of the upper seventies and low 80s. let's take a look at temperatures tomorrow, in the south bay. inland valleys in the upper seventies and low 80s. well below average for this time of year. technically it is still summer.
8:47 pm
along the coastline, temperatures stay cool in the upper 50s and low 60s because of the dense fog in the morning but it should burn of but rotten. a look at your extended forecast coming up, not a lot of change coming up. remember, you can get the latest forecast any time on the new 24-7 news channel, comcast channel 193. it is quick, convenient and always on. >>gary: the oakland a's are off tonight in the giants are at home vs. colorado. right now, the game is tied at 1 in the sixth inning.
8:48 pm
it is hard to argue, but through two games, the 49ers have to be the best team in football. they beat the packers on the road, jim schwartz is still all of the suspense away taking the the bedecks shaking hands the for the game. curt warner, the soon-to-be hall of fame quarterback said right now, alex smith is playing better than any quarterback in the league. kahan everyone is in a good mood. here is hardball on alex smith. >> he is an expert in this system. to accomplish that in just a year speaks volumes.
8:49 pm
>>gary: harbaugh is the king of the world. whenever he said, it everyone is nodding. them >>gary: the 49ers
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>>gary: what a performance of the weekend. the 49ers and david shaw, right now damper is playing with the big boys. they took apart usc. the pac-10 player of the week named today. there go the on the field. they knocked off the no. 2 ranked u.s. seat. they moved from 21st to ninth.
8:52 pm
>> how is everyone doing today >> good. >> you guys are smiling break. i like it. are you guys one to learn something new the did not learn last year? >> yes. >> continue to make is a threaded through education. >>gary: he is a good guy. if he dropped out after his junior year. my favorite was when they have law yet he'll do his yacht on the value of education. call
8:53 pm
he you'll half moon case feed the >>gary: discussion of state in
8:54 pm
college or gone to college, sean whyte. he is a snowbomb war era x game guy. he faces charges of public intoxication and vandalism. do the ended up in a hospital after hitting his head while destroying a hotel room. no reason why he went off. it was the vanderbilt hotel at 2:00 a.m.. we are back in a moment with more. roethlisberger
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